01/18/2017-Assigning a Keybox to a Listing is About to Get Easier-New Interactive Map Search Options & Preferences-January Webinars-Tech Tip: Saved Map Searched on All Your Devices

Assigning a Supra Keybox to a Listing is About to Get a Whole Lot Easier

Beginning February 1st, BAREIS MLS® will provide you with a new Supra feature called Keybox Assistant. This feature uses GPS to simplify the process of assigning the listing address to the lockbox serial number. Once the listing address is assigned to the lockbox, the listing address will display on Showing and Key Activity reports and notifications, rather than the keybox serial number.

Here’s how it works:

When you open the shackle on your lockbox, your key will prompt for a reason. If you select ‘Adding a new listing’, your key will then prompt for the house number. SUPRA will search for a match and assign your lockbox to the matching address. If there is more than one listing with that house number, SUPRA will use GPS to identify which address is a match. If the listing is not yet in the BAREIS MLS® system, SUPRA will continue to search for 30 days for a matching address for lockbox assignment.

Sold the listing? When you take the lockbox off the house, select the reason ‘Remove from a listing’ and the lockbox will be unassigned from that address!

Read more about Supra Keybox Auto-Assign using GPS.

See how to use this new feature on your Xpress Key or eKEY.

New Interactive Map Search Options & Preferences

New Interactive Map features will be available on Thursday, January 19th.

Point-to-Point Polygon

Miss the old polygon map search ability? Back by popular demand, Rapattoni is adding a Polygon option under the Draw tools. The polygon tool leverages the same options as the other drawing tools, including the ability to use “Include” and “Exclude” logic for search results. This updated video about map shapes shows you exactly how it works.

Default Statuses/Dates for Interactive Map Search

A new option has been added under the Map Defaults drop-down of the Agent Preferences form for you to select default status settings for the Interactive Map Search. A “Days Back” option is also available which allows you to choose how many days back the search will run by default for each of the selected statuses.

Please note that if you set the Search Default option to ‘No’ for a particular status but specify a number of Days Back for that status, it will be reflected in the search results only when the status is manually checked in the Interactive Map Search’s criteria.

January Webinars

BAREIS held two webinars this month and a third is scheduled for Friday, January 27th. Here are the links to recordings of the webinars, as well as a link to sign up for the January 27th Prospecting webinar.

Production & Inventory Reports

Market Statistics with TrendVision

Live Prospecting in Rapattoni webinar January 27th, 2:00pm – 3:00 pm

Register Here

Live Webinar: Homes.com

Free Leads and More

If you have listings, then you may have leads waiting for you in your free Homes.com account. We always display the listing broker or agent and send them the listing inquiries for their properties. Join us for this 30-minute webinar to learn about all your listing display and the cloud based Lead Management System available to you from Homes.com as part of the Homes.com MLS Partnership program.

Homes.com Lead Management System includes:

●       A Lead and Contact Manager App

●       Email Marketing App

●       Social Media Prospecting App

Take advantage of all the FREE BENEFITS available to you from Homes.com.

Join us Thursday, January 19th at 11:00 PT

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Thursday, Jan 19,

11:00am – 11:30am




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Tech Tip: Saved Map Searches on All Your Devices

Did you know that saved map searches are synced between the desktop MLS site and the BAREIS Edge mobile app? That’s right, the Interactive Map Search is mirrored on both, making it easy to bring your map searches with you no matter where you go.

Another benefit is that your default map view is the same on either desktop or mobile. Here’s how to set your default map view:

On either the desktop MLS website or the BAREIS Edge mobile app, move and zoom your map until you have it just how you’d like to see it every time you open the map search. Then:

On MLS desktop: Click the Map View toolbar option and then select Set Default Map.

On BAREIS Edge mobile app: Tap the More menu in the upper right and select Set Default View.