05/01/2017--Quick Facts About RatePlug-Rules Changes to Protect Your Data-Map Updates Are Here-Check Your Listing's Accuracy with CheckIT

RatePlug is Here! Here Are Some Quick Facts

1.    What is RatePlug and what are the benefits? – RatePlug allows you to give your clients more accurate estimated mortgage payment information with the ability to calculate payments based on offer and down payment modifications. Your clients will see loan products best suited for the type of property they are looking at and with current loan rates from your loan officer. A RatePlug study showed that agents using RatePlug experienced a 15% shorter timeframe from List Date to Contract Date.

2.    Does it cost me anything? – RatePlug is a BAREIS member benefit and completely free for brokers and agents.

3.    How do I get my loan officer’s information in RatePlug?Sign-up for your free RatePlug account. You can fill out your loan officer’s information during sign-up. RatePlug will contact the loan officer or officers to see if they want to join RatePlug and notify you via email of their decision.

4.    Can I have more than one lender setup in RatePlug? – Yes! Each MLS report may display up to 3 lenders at a time. If you have more than 3 lenders, it will cycle automatically.

5.    Where does RatePlug appear? – RatePlug displays at the bottom of listing detail screens within the MLS, the Client Summary with RatePlug report, in your Client Portal, on your Rapattoni IDX feed, and on the Rapattoni public search. In addition, once you’ve created your free RatePlug account and have an affiliated lender, you may request property flyers from your loan officer directly from your RatePlug dashboard.

6.    I have additional questions!Visit this FAQ. If you still have questions, please reach out to Art at art [at] norcalmls [dot] com

Rules Changes to Protect Your Data

BAREIS MLS® is responsible for obtaining and protecting intellectual property rights in your MLS database. This protection is achieved in a variety of ways, including the creation and enforcement of MLS rules relating to data usage. After a recent review of the BAREIS MLS® Regulations, legal counsel has recommended and the Board of Directors has approved revisions to the Regulations to strengthen the protection of those intellectual property rights. You can view the revised BAREIS MLS® Regulations 4.3 and 12.5 here: http://bareis.com/rules

As always, feel free to contact us for more information about BAREIS MLS® Rules & Regulations YourMLS [at] norcalmls [dot] com

Map Updates Are Here!

The much anticipated Interactive Map updates are now live! We highly recommend you attend a webinar to get the most out of Rapattoni’s Google Maps conversion. Sign up soon – Rapattoni won’t be holding these webinars for much longer.

Tech Tip: Check Your Listing’s Accuracy with CheckIT

BAREIS MLS® offers the CheckIT tool as a way to verify that your listings are accurate and in compliance with BAREIS MLS® Regulations. By clicking the CheckIT link on the “Revise Listing” or “Listing Detail” pages, users will be able to spot potential irregularities – they will be highlighted in red, enabling you to make corrections before receiving a notification from the Data Integrity Department.

You can check listings of any status, even Sold and other off-market statuses.

While the CheckIT program does not identify every possible inaccuracy, this is a helpful tool for users who want to makes sure their listings are compliant with BAREIS MLS® Regulations and that their listing data is consistent with the public records.


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