06/19/2017 - Exciting Things Ahead

Exciting Things Ahead

BAREIS has been working towards streamlining the MLS workflow and this summer it is coming to fruition.

Today, you access the MLS directly from Rapattoni’s website. If you need BAREIS forms or tour info, you need to go to bareis.com. If you need to use Cloud CMA or ZipForm there are links in Rapattoni, but finding them may be a challenge. If you need access to Oakland listings, finding out which MLS that is may not be straightforward.

We are redesigning BAREIS.com to make it easier to find the information you need. BAREIS.com will become the launching point for the MLS.

When you login from the redesigned BAREIS.com you will arrive at your Clareity Dashboard – this is your business hub with links to all of the MLS tools you need. The Clareity Dashboard has many benefits:

•    More characters in pop-up tool tips means that when you hover over another MLS, you get to see ALL THE COUNTIES THAT THEY COVER!

•    Easier and faster to find the tools BAREIS offers (most are member benefits at no extra cost).

•    Access all these tools and other MLS’s without logging into Rapattoni first, saving you clicks and valuable time trying to locate what you’re looking for.

•    Better security, but just as easy as your current Rapattoni sign-in procedure.

You’ve also asked for a simple way to search listings. Rapattoni is powerful, but not everyone needs all the features it provides. So, at the same time as the bareis.com and Clareity Dashboard launch, we will be bringing you two listing search products – Cloud MLX and MyPropertyOffice – that were selected to bring simplicity for those who desire it.

Greater detail on all of this will be provided in the upcoming weeks at various meetings, in the newsletters, and at the launch parties. Please look for your invite to one our upcoming launch parties in July where we can share some food and drink and answer all your questions.

For now, here are some videos on Cloud MLX and MyPropertyOffice:

Close more deals, do less research and appeal to more home buyers with special financing options at your fingertips!

This new RatePlug Agent Dashboard includes:

•    FHA, VA, USDA, Eligibility of your listings

•    Increase your productivity by presenting property specific monthly cost to own with PITI and HOA calculated.  Show them what they can afford and avoid what they cannot.

•    Shorten the time from contact to contract to close, by connecting your trusted loan officers and buyers.  Because it’s not just the price of the home that matters, it’s the monthly payment.

•    Create co-branded property flyers on-the-fly with customized financing options

•    And more!

Click Here to get Started today NO ADDITIONAL COST!! Included with your MLS membership

Why Use Cloud CMA?

Cloud CMA offers a lot of customization in a very user-friendly package. Check out this short video for 5 reasons that you should be using Cloud CMA.

Tech Tip: Best Way to Get Good Comps in Cloud CMA

Cloud CMA generates some wonderful reports, but what is the best way to get the data that goes into the reports?

While Cloud CMA does have a “Quick & Dirty CMA” feature, it is an automated tool and tends to have its limitations. For example, if it can’t find good local comparable listings it will extend its search to areas that may be beyond acceptable.

Instead, we recommend that you find your comparable listings by running a search in the MLS. This allows you to hand select the listings you feel are most comparable to the subject property. When you have all of your comparable properties selected, just click the CMA button in the upper left and then select Cloud CMA to zip all of those listings right over into Cloud CMA!