07/31/2017--You Are Doing Great!-The Map is Too Small!-Tech Tip: Routing Your Broker Tour

Take a Bow – You Are Doing Great!

BAREIS MLS® tracks listing corrections and issues a quarterly report. We are very happy to announce that only one fine has been issued so far this year! The vast majority of corrections necessary were completed quickly by the listing agents involved.

Click here for the full report.

The Map is Too Small!

We’ve been out visiting many broker tour meetings and one thing we are consistently hearing is your frustration that the map on the listing detail screen is zoomed in too far. This is a default view from Google and not something Rapattoni has control over. However, Rapattoni is working with Google to address the issue.

To get to a map that you can control the zoom level on, click the Enlarge Map link in the upper left corner of the map box. This will open a new tab of Google Maps that is larger and able to be manipulated.

Tech Tip: Routing Your Broker Tour

One of the benefits of Rapattoni switching to Google Maps is that we can now take advantage of the ability to route to multiple addresses. This is a great feature for going out on broker tour or taking your buyers out on tour. You can easily send the routing instructions to your phone. Please take a couple minutes to learn how to use this incredible feature.