10/05/16--Open House/Broker Tour changes, improved prospecting notification email layout, what BAREIS has been up to this year

Open House / Broker Tour Changes

We have several MLS enhancements that were suggestions from fellow agents or brokers coming to the Open House and Broker Tour searches on Monday, October 10th.

1.    The Open House and Broker Tour default search periods will change to 7 days. This will make for quicker and more convenient Open House and Broker Tour searches. You will still have the ability to search future dates within a 7 day window (example: you can search November 1-7, 2-8, 3-9, etc.).

2.    New Open House report called Open House Summary. This report sports a listing photo and can be emailed.

3.    Two new Broker Tour reports:

•    The BAREIS Broker Tour w/Photo is similar to the current BAREIS Broker Tour report with the addition of the primary listing photo.

•    The BAREIS Broker Tour Condensed is an updated version of the BAREIS Marin Broker Tour report and is designed to pack all the tour information you need into a compact space, netting more listings per page.

Improved Prospecting Notification Email Layout

We heard you loud and clear, so the Auto-Prospecting notification email that clients and agents receive will be changing within the next couple of weeks. The new layout is optimized for viewing on smartphones and also looks great on full size computers.

For agents, the new email will not require you to visit the MLS page to see which listings were sent to your client, although that option will still be available should you wish to see listings sent on another date.

What BAREIS Has Been Up To This Year

Wow, the holiday season is coming up fast, soon to usher in the new year. BAREIS has been looking back at what we’ve accomplished based on your input this year and a few things that are still to come in this quarter. Here is a recap of the major changes in 2016:

Tech Tip: Upgrading Your iPhone to iOS 10?

If you are upgrading your iPhone to iOS 10, please make sure to update your eKEY app to the latest version before you update. If you do encounter issues with eKEY after updating to iOS 10, please uninstall and reinstall the eKEY app and obtain a new authorization code from the SupraWEB website or by calling BAREIS MLS at 707-575-8000.




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