Exciting Things Ahead BAREIS has been working towards streamlining the MLS workflow and this summer it is coming to fruition. Today, you access the MLS directly from Rapattoni’s website. If you need BAREIS forms or tour info, you need to go to bareis.com. If you need to use Cloud CMA or ZipForm there are links in Rapattoni, but finding them may be a challenge. If you need access to Oakland listings, finding out which MLS that is may not be straightforward.
RatePlug is Coming to BAREIS MLS April 19th This powerful tool is free to MLS members RatePlug displays affordability information that has accelerated contact to contract by 15%.  This valuable addition to MLS property reports includes mortgage payment and product information from your selected lending partners.
BAREIS Election Results BAREIS General Election Results - The results of BAREIS general election were announced March 24th at the Annual Meeting in Santa Rosa. The following candidates were elected to the Board of Directors for a two-year term: Marin County Directors Frank Soda, Sunshine Realty, Sausalito Brent Thomson, Pacific Union International, Mill Valley Mendocino County Director
New Phone System at BAREIS Some members may have had trouble calling BAREIS MLS® or experienced dropped calls last week. We are transitioning to a new phone system. We are sorry for the glitches during the switchover. The new phone system integrates all our offices into one seamless system. You can now reach any BAREIS staff member, regardless of location, at 707-575-8000 or 800-776-5252 if you are outside the 707 area code. Some MLS Printouts Don’t Go in the Trash
New Interactive Map Search Options Rapattoni implemented some Interactive Map Search upgrades last week. Among them are: •    Option to enter listing number in the location search box. •    Improvements to the Search Criteria – when a member expands a field header, the first field becomes highlighted making it easier to type criteria. •    You can now use the Tab key to advance through criteria fields.
SupraWEB Revealed! What is SupraWEB and what can it do for me? SupraWEB is Supra’s lockbox and key management website that allows you to manage your lockbox inventory, setup showing notifications, view and send feedback, and more! Here’s an easy, step-by-step guide to show you all the cool things that SupraWEB can do for you.
Assigning a Supra Keybox to a Listing is About to Get a Whole Lot Easier Beginning February 1st, BAREIS MLS® will provide you with a new Supra feature called Keybox Assistant. This feature uses GPS to simplify the process of assigning the listing address to the lockbox serial number. Once the listing address is assigned to the lockbox, the listing address will display on Showing and Key Activity reports and notifications, rather than the keybox serial number. Here’s how it works:
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