Year End 2009 Statistics are PostedThe BAREIS MLS® 2009 Year End Statistics are posted on the website. Here is the direct link: 
Happy New Year from BAREIS MLS and Rapattoni Rapattoni made several enhancements this last year and they have many more exciting enhancements planned for 2010. We would like to share these upcoming enhancements with you with estimated completion dates.
Rapattoni Enhancements 12/17/09 Rapattoni made several enhancements to your MLS site last Thursday. Here is a recap of those enhancements:1.    New “Your Recent Searches” Home Page Module
Adaptive Authentication The switch from the token to Adaptive Authentication has been a success. As of 12/14/09 we have less than 100 of our 9,000 members that have yet to complete enrollment in the new system.
RSA® Adaptive Authentication Quick Facts • BAREIS is switching to RSA® Adaptive Authentication on Tuesday, December 1st, 2009.• You may designate more than one computer as a “primary” computer. Many people have two or three computers these days.• Multiple users may designate one shared office computer as a “primary” computer. You are not restricted to one person per machine.
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BAREIS Holiday Schedule All BAREIS offices will be closed the following dates: Nov. 26 & 27th, 2009BAREIS will close at 11:00 AM on Nov. 30th, 2009 for staff training. Where did the Flood Zone info Go in Tax?
Adaptive Authentication FAQ
Tokenless on December 1stBAREIS® has heard the frustrations of many members regarding the token, so on December 1st, BAREIS® is saying goodbye to the RSA® Security Token. New technology from RSA® has arrived that will offer two-factor authentication security without the hassle of dealing with the token.
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