Finance Committee:  For the period ending September 30, the Corporation remains within budget and income and ahead of budget projections.
Finance Committee:  For the period ending June 30, net income was down for the Corporation due to the co-op key income being received in May rather than June, reversals and reductions of fines, and the quarterly write-off of bad debt. Membership numbers were higher than budgeted at 7,329.
Finance Committee:  The Audit & Budget Reports for March and April 2012 were approved Membership is down approximately 300 members since December 21, 2012. This decline in membership was anticipated due to the implementation of the Supra Key reciprocal Program.. The Corporation remains within budget and within income.
Finance Committee:  Membership is up slightly by 64 for May, but as expected membership is down overall for the year to 7777. The May 2012 Financial Report was approved. The Corporation remains within budget and within income. MLS Committee:  The Board approved several changes to the system, including:
The newly elected Chair of the Board, Frank Soda, welcomed everyone to the meeting. Because BAREIS MLS® staff were attending this meeting, Frank asked everyone to introduce themselves.
Darla Stever introduced Nancy Meyer, the new Executive Officer at Northern Solano Association of REALTORS®. The Board welcomed Nancy to the meeting.
No financial reports were presented pending current financial audit. After extensive discussion, the Board agreed to increase the annual fee charged to members of data share organizations to help recover the increased costs associated with issuing cooperative codes to those members of organizations participating in the Bay Area Cooperative Key Program.
  The Corporation remains within budget and within income for the first eleven months of the year. Membership increased slightly to 7,631 members and 430 assistants. We do anticipate the loss of approximately 400 members when the lockbox reciprocation effort launches. There is a targeted date of January 9th to launch the lockbox reciprocal program.  
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