October 2016 Board Report

October Board Report

Meeting of the Board of Directors October 21, 2016

Finance Committee: The August and September Financial Report indicates the Corporation remains financially strong and stable, with membership increasing for the year.

Innovation Task Force: The task force received presentations of Cloud Streams and Real Scout Pro. While they liked many of the features of the 2 products, the consensus was that it would be better to have the features within the MLS system rather than a third party product and made no recommendation that BAREIS offer either product to members at this time.

The Directors would like BAREIS to offer a premium CMA & prospecting product to members as part of the membership package and instructed staff to investigate the cost.

Rapattoni Updates: The Directors were shown a video of the new interactive map search. The interface has been redesigned with Google Maps and offers many new features and tools. The new search is expected to be live in the system by the end of next week. Live training webinars will be held for members October 24 – 28th. Auto prospecting emails have also been redesigned and should be live next week.

RESO Silver Certification: BAREIS MLS® is now RESO certified at the silver level.

Board of Directors Elections: Eligible Class A members in Sonoma, Marin & Mendocino were sent a letter inviting them to be considered by the Nominating Committee as a candidate for the Board of Directors.

NorCal Public Portal: A premier Northern California public portal is being developed to provide a modern, photo-centric public real estate search site. The website will not allow advertising and all leads will be directed to the listing agent. The effort is well underway and is expected to be live with MLS data from SFAR MLS, EBRD, & BAREIS MLS® before the end of November.