BAREIS Testimonials

February 2019

Danny Norway

BAREIS MLS® is the best I've worked with, and I just wanted to say, 'Thank you,' for being so helpful.

February 2019

Michelle Magnus

Thank you so much, Jan. You folks are so great to work with! 😊

January 2019

ShaSha Logadi

I wanted to thank you again for helping set me up with Rebecca. Not only did Rebecca stay late, she had another agent slip through, as she worked diligently caling Supra, since they said on the phone they couldn't process the payment, she was able to get me a "trainee" key. I showed the home the next day to my single mom school teacher, we wrote an offer, and she's in escrow. Yippeee! All thanks to you and Rebecca helping me the day of your HOLIDAY party!!!! Thank you, thank you.

January 2019

Michael Cohen

BAREIS MLS® has served me well for many years... THANK YOU to the entire staff for many years of support.

January 2019

Deanna Deckard

Over the past few months.. three to four maybe, I've been in contact with Miranda Rhys-Jones regarding an issue I've had with ListTrac. Miranda went above and beyond working and checking on my issue, following up with me and simply not letting it die or throw up her hands in defeat. And, miracles happen, and problem finally solved as couple weeks ago. Good people are hard to come by these days and I just wanted you to know Miranda's work ethic comes through to those she serves.. me the Realtor client.

December 2018

Ann Abbruzzese

BAREIS® staff are worth their weight in gold. It was a plaeasure to speak with Michele, and other BAREIS® staff. They're always upbeat, and act as if they have really care about us as agents in the trenches... especially when compared to other Real Estate services.

July 2018

Michelle Whitney

Jennifer is amazing, and I am so glad that I can lean on her with all of my sometimes silly MLS questions! She is kind, patient, and is very efficient and fast in response. I am very appreciative of her and wanted to let you that we feel at Napa River Realty you have an exemplary employee.