Revised November 23rd 2010

You must have a valid listing agreement prior to entering a listing into the BAREIS MLS® database. Any listing modification must be authorized by the seller in writing. BAREIS MLS® accepts exclusive right to sell, exclusive agency, open and probate listings. Your listing must be in writing to enter a property in the database, verbal agreements are not acceptable. Upon request you must be able to supply BAREIS MLS® written documentation (i.e. a listing agreement). When a listing date is to be extended past its expiration date, you must have the extension in writing, signed by the seller as well.

BAREIS Rules and Regulations Printable Version -   pdf PDF version (72 KB)

Property must be entered into the MLS within 3 business days after all necessary signatures have been obtained on the subject listing or on the effective date of the contract, whichever is later.


- Single Family

- Condo/Coop


- Mobile Home

- Floating Home

Lots & Land

- Acreage

- Agriculture

- Commercial

- Residential


- Industrial

- Mixed Use

- Office

- Retail

- Warehouse

- Research & Develop


Multi Unit 2-4

Multi Unit 5+

Business Opportunity

A property may not be entered into more than one property type unless the property meets the Duplicate Listing Guidelines as set by BAREIS MLS®. To view the guidelines from BAREIS MLS® database pdf click here (83 KB) . Unapproved Duplicate Listings will be withdrawn/cancelled from the MLS.

You cannot change Original List Price, Listing Date or the Address without MLS assistance. To have these modified, send your request in writing or on a Listing Change Form along with the listing agreement. The form is available on BAREIS MLS® database by pdf clicking here. (238 KB)

For Sale or For Lease-Rent are entered in the same Property type. You simply indicate For Sale or For Lease-Rent

The List Date is the date that all necessary signatures have been obtained on the listing agreement or the effective date of the contract, whichever is later.

BAREIS MLS® has a field for On-Market Date. This is the date the listing should be available and on the market and will be visible to other members on the MLS database. This would be the same as the list date unless the seller does not permit the listing to be included in the MLS database at the time the listing is taken.

Days On Market begins calculating from the On Market Date until the listing becomes Pending.

Cumulative Days On Market tracks the total time on market for a property, regardless of brokerage.

The confidential remarks data field is intended to contain agent-to-agent remarks, showing instructions, financing or escrow information, contact information, and any information deemed confidential pursuant to BAREIS MLS® Rules and Regulations. “For Comp Purposes Only” must appear in the first line of the confidential remarks when a listing is entered for that purpose.

The property description field is restricted to the physical description and condition of the property. No contact information, websites addresses, showing instructions or information directed toward real estate agents or brokers, including compensation or bonuses offered to cooperating brokers may be shown in the property description field. Public remarks appear on client reports and on the public Websites in which BAREIS MLS® participates.

When entering a future date in the On Market Date field, the listing will show up as Unapproved. These listings are suppressed from the market and can only be viewed by the listing agent, broker and BAREIS MLS® Staff. The listing will automatically approve upon the on market date and will then be live on the system for other members to view.


A listing may not be re-entered as New by the same company until it has been off the market for at least 11 days.

A complete list of the status definitions is available on the BAREIS MLS® database by pdf clicking here. (356 KB)